Technology Creep



It seems to happen to all of us, but maybe guitarists are the worst. You know you do it: you desire the new tech toy that fills that one important need. You can’t get along without it, you don’t know how you’ve ever done without it. Then one day, you’re doing some common place activity that you’ve done thousands of time before, and reality kicks in. For me it was the other day as I was playing guitar, I looked down at my feet and saw this:

From Dear Diary

It happened slowly. It almost seemed natural. If I don’t think about it, it almost seems reasonable. It can’t be, though. Look at it – you KNOW that’s wrong. I know it’s wrong deep down too, but there’s not a thing I could afford to give up. Believe me, it is all so important! It has made me think, though, this new perspective. Look around you – how many things are you surrounded by that are supposed to improve your life that are really just making it more complicated?