I’ve been using Google+, the latest attempt at getting social networking right from the company that seems to do just about everything else right, for about a week now. In short: I’m a convert.

I haven’t been a real fan to this point of social networking sites as more than a way to find long lost friends or keep in touch with the few that won’t use email. Certainly not as a form of entertainment – the kind of noise you get when you give everyone a platform to shout at the world without any editorial control sounds like chaos to me.

Google+ has taken one small step towards solving this problem with their concept of Circles of contacts. This is the kind of leap that seems so obvious once someone does it, but really has the potential to change the game. We’ll see if I feel the same way in a year, but right now I’m guessing that this tool will become a major part of my cyberspace, both for communication and entertainment. I’m willing to bet this is causing more than a little concern with the competition too, it will be interesting to see the response.